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Our Why

Our Mission

Challenging individuals and organizations to be better versions of themselves

Our Why

Imagine the most ambitious outcomes for your organization. Can you envision what it would look like to identify and unleash the unique talents of your employees for the betterment of your overall impact and results? Consider the power of having access to proven tools that allow you to make well-informed decisions about hiring, matching employee talents to client needs and preferences, performance reviews, promotions, and individualized employee recognition efforts. Meet Activate Human Capital Group.

At Activate HCG, we hate to see waste. Wasted time, energy, money, talent... you name it. The tools and insights we offer clients are scientifically validated and are paired with simple interventions that clear the path between goals and results. 

At Activate, our “why” is about individual and organizational performance improvements that ALSO positively impact employees, customers, their families, and their communities. We care deeply about helping our clients achieve these outcomes and take pride in doing such meaningful work.

How We Accomplish Our Why

Activate's expertise in harnessing the power of talent and engagement as a leading indicator of business performance is the single most efficient path to organic growth for your organization available today. We measure what matters to help your organization achieve higher levels of performance. Learn more about our services by clicking on the links below:

  • Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement

    We define employee engagement as discretionary effort. This extra effort leads directly to improved business performance. At Activate, our job is to measure engagement and give you the tools you need to improve. Doing so positively impacts your financial performance and assists you in building a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Learn more...

  • Client Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement is all about the strength of customer relationships. In both B2B and B2C environments, the strength of customer relationships is a leading indicator for important lagging metrics such as loyalty, revenue and profitability. At Activate, our job is to help you measure customer engagement, analyze results against the financial contribution each customer has made to the organization, then help you act to enhance the value of current and future customer relationships. Learn more...

  • Engagement Consulting

    Talent Optimization

    Talent Optimization is about getting the right butts in the right seats on the bus, then developing natural talents into reliable results. Talent Optimization certainly isn’t a NEW idea. But the tools are better than ever and they’re coming together in new ways that are much more straightforward and user-friendly. The Human Capital space today is positioned to DELIVER for clients more effectively than ever. Learn more...

  • Performance Development

    Talent Development

    Leveraging what we know about engaging employees and customers, performance development efforts can be efficiently targeted and significantly enhanced. We utilize the Gallup StrengthsFinder, the DiSC assessment, and/or the suite of Predictive Index tools to shine a light on what’s right with each employee then help them aim their talents at the outcomes they’re responsible for delivering. Learn more...



What Our Clients Say...

  • Melissa and the Activate team provide deep insights at their clients' fingertips and give an organization a proven roadmap and pathway for individual and corporate engagement and exciting growth!

    ---- Thomas Elliott, StoneEagle
  • We started a working relationship with Melissa, owner of Activate Human Capital, for an employee engagement survey. The entire company was excited about the results, both "good" and "bad". We felt that the opportunities that Melissa presented to us will take us to the next level as a company. She has gotten all of the managers and employees excited about the entire process. We can now all speak a common language to get results here at work. Melissa is easy to talk to and brings a tremendous amount of energy into the work place. I would highly recommend her to any company, no matter what the size.

    ---- Dionna Smith, CFO at B-K Lighting + TEKA Illumination
  • We love working with Melissa at Texas A&M University. She connects well with students and staff alike and brings so much value to the improvement of our Strengths and engagement efforts.

    ---- Mary Lea McAnally, Professor of Accounting at Texas A&M University
  • Melissa is among the most talented people I know when it comes to engaging employees! She has the vision, talent, tools, and resources to make real change happen in an organization. Her unique background and insights complement her unique abilities including how to define the financial impact of experiences on organizations who know their success is based on the culture and their employees. I recommend her if you are looking for high-powered, driven, contagious energy thought leader that will make a difference in your organization from day one.

    ---- Diane Magers, Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts
  • Melissa is extremely talented in Engagement, Strength mentoring and Organizational Development. Having worked with her on multiple projects I am always amazed at her ability to connect employee and customer engagement to help move companies forward. She is funny and energetic in her presentations always driving toward results. Experience as an entrepreneur allows her to connect a multiple levels within an organization to bring about meaningful change.

    ---- Glenn Patch, Consultant, Coach, Strategic Planner, Project Manager
  • Melissa is one of the most driven entrepreneurs I know. She is an avid listener providing well-formed and on-target solutions. She is incredibly uplifting and motivating. I trust her to drive positive results for all her clients. Melissa is results-oriented and no matter the workload, she's willing to lend a helping hand.

    ---- Hannah M. Stayart, Stategic Business Relationships, Problem Solving, and Project Management
  • I met Melissa at an entrepreneurs' event in Oklahoma a few years ago and have had the good fortunate of keeping in touch with here since that time. Melissa always come through with innovative and thoughtful ideas underpinned by a wonderful sense of purpose and commitment to family. I'm thrilled to see Melissa's work and service benefiting her clients.

    ---- Joe Jacobi, Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Melissa is uniquely talented; an entrepreneur, a gifted engagement facilitator, a selfless servant, a farmer, and much more. Rarely in one’s personal and/or professional career, do you cross paths with someone this focused, grounded, and well-rounded. She has the ability to relate to many audience types which is particularly relevant for human capital engagement. Melissa is down-to-earth and practical in finding solutions while at the same time engaging her audience to think big and beyond, regardless if the audience are students, seasoned C-level executives, or volunteers at a non-profit. Engage her. It will change how you operate.

    ---- Lenae Scroggins, TEES Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship, Texas A&M New Ventures Competition, Shape Memory Medical Inc.
  • As a young entrepreneur, Melissa carved out a niche, created a product, and marketed a brand. Since then, she’s been the consummate achiever. When she says, yes to a project, she will get the job done. Melissa is a professional with an uncanny ability to read the market and know what needs to be done to achieve success in a given situation. She’s visionary, she’s practical, she’s forward thinking, and most importantly, Melissa is results driven.

    ---- Kevin Spafford, Wealth Manager serving farming professionals and family business owners
  • Employee Engagement - we were a small mid-stream natural gas compression company and needed the expertise of the Gallup Organization but not the heavy duty price tag. And that is where Melissa and Evolve Performance Group came to the rescue with a reasonably sized set of predictive questions to help us understand where engagement was strong and where it wasn't. And, more importantly, what to do about the hot spots. She was our go-to expert on the topic that was foreign to most of our management team. We ended up as one of the winners of the Houston "Best Place to Work" competition for mid-size employers.

    ---- Jeff Gill, Senior HR Leader, Sasol (Petrochemicals)
  • Melissa does fantastic work! She helped my former company conduct their very first employee engagement survey. She was very hands-on in the process ensuring that her team fully understood what our company was looking for, and how we could best capture the data we were seeking. Once our survey closed and the data was compiled, Melissa and her team did an excellent job preparing a debrief for our group, helping us understand the results, what they meant, and what our next actions should be as a group. I would highly recommend her and her team!

    ---- Sarah Cooper Truchard, Manager of Training and Development at PV Fluid Products
  • We have used Melissa, her team and her talents over the years with tremendous success and help to our organization. She brings an energy and expertise to any situation. I credit her with significantly bringing together our team and strengthening our path as we move forward.

    ---- Richard Lester, Clinical Professor at Texas A&M University
  • While working with our MBA class to understand the StrengthFinder framework, Melissa stood out from other facilitators because she's always looking for practical solutions that address business needs AND fully leverage the individual's strengths. Its this rare combo of understanding how culture drives growth and why that's important merged with an emphasis on the individual's engagement that allows her to drive results with any group she works with.

    ---- Janette Barnard, Commodity Markets + Tech
  • Every once in a blue moon, you are blessed to encounter someone that changes your life in a powerful and positive way. The passion and expertise with which she presents powerful strengths discovery, optimization and application sessions is literally nothing short of life-changing. The deft skill, poise, and savvy combined with her otherworldly emotional intelligence also makes her a uniquely superb CEO. Anyone fortunate enough to be pulled into her orbit as either a client, student or business partner will see that changing lives is exactly what she does on a daily basis.

    ---- Erik "Skip" Moratzka, Global Account Director at Lionbridge
  • Melissa helped us with Customer Engagement a couple years ago. The data was extremely insightful and Melissa was a joy to work with. We integrated the findings into our quarterly conversations with clients and have continued to benefit from the prioritization of internal efforts the results recommended. We'll be starting this work again in the next few weeks.

    ---- Todd Bollenbach, President at GNT Solutions