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Melissa Ortiz

Melissa Ortiz, CEO, Activate Human Capital GroupMelissa Ortiz, MBA
CEO, Activate Human Capital Group

The past decade of Melissa’s career has focused on driving the softer financial indicators in business. Indicators like employee engagement, client engagement, internal customer engagement, and strengths-based deployment of human capital.

These metrics allow clients to quantify the level of psychological attachment that exists among their employees and clients – then proactively manage those metrics. These metrics matter because they are leading indicators. Unlike traditional fiscal measurements like the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows which look in the rear-view mirror at where a company, division, or department, engagement is a forward-looking metric that predicts where we’re headed.

Following the completion of her Master’s in Business Administration, Melissa worked as an Associate Partner with Gallup Consulting, the recognized leader in engagement research. She then went on to establish a company focused on the deployment of engagement and strengths-based science.

Melissa has worked on the implementation and successful integration of engagement initiatives with a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 and smaller companies including clients in the transportation, technology, automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, and financial services industries.

As a consultant and dynamic leader, her focus is on the underpinnings of what enables individuals and groups thrive – understanding themselves, understanding others, and clearly defining expectations – then utilizing this knowledge in a proactive and positive manner. These basics can be applied to a myriad of goals and skills such as supervisor training, executive leadership, presentation skills, internal and external customer engagement, succession planning, and human capital growth.

When Melissa isn’t working with her team or clients, you can find her on her family farm in Northern California, at the CrossFit gym, or playing with her husband Antonio and their two young children.

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