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How to Pick the Right People for the Right Seats

Hiring the right people is essential to achieving your goals as an entrepreneur and realizing your business’ full potential. Even more so, the right people in the right roles contribute to overall employee satisfaction, job performance, loyalty, and longevity, ensuring shared success in the long run.

But finding these people and defining their roles is always easier said than done. However, the EOS–or Entrepreneurial Operating System–defines six components that “must be managed and strengthened to be a great business.”

With this tool as the foundation, picking the right people and placing them in the right seats becomes a more navigable task. Read on for some pointers as to how to identify the right people per your business’ EOS model details, how to define their seats, and how to ensure employees’ and your organizations’ success.

1. Who are the “right people?”

Identifying the “right people” is quite simple if you’ve taken the time to define the essential components of your business, particularly your core values and your organization’s culture. According to John Ward, a Certified EOS Implementer, the right people “are simply those who share your values and fit your culture.”

2. What are the “right seats?” 

The “right seats–” or roles/jobs–are those that fit your peoples’ unique abilities and talents. These roles are best suited to their persons’ intellectual and emotional abilities as well as their experience and background to do the job they’re needed to do–and to do it well. Additionally, they are roles that the employee feels gratified doing and suited for themself. To best define these “seats,” the EOS model uses an Accountability Chart, which “defines every necessary function–or seat–in your company, and the roles required to fulfill that function.

3. Right People + Right Seats

To put these definitions to practice in your business, we help our clients implement the following tactics:

  • Customized interview questions for candidates illuminating their potential for success in the role
  • Clear, simple suggestions for onboarding individuals
  • Tools for identifying team-level blind spots
  • Regular assessments of Employee Engagement levels across the organization

Activate Human Capital Group is here to help you select the right people and guide them to the right seats. Our employee engagement offerings and talent-based assessments bolstered by systems like EOS can help you define organizational roles and identify the best people who can fulfill them.

Give us a chance to help you realize impactful results–Activate Human Capital Group works to help employees realize their potential, and help employers create workplaces that help their workforce do so. For more information about Activate Human Capital Group’s Employee Engagement Offerings or to schedule a demonstration of our tools, contact us today.