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Activate Human Capital Group would like to announce the next evolution of a successful trio:  Melissa Ortiz, Emily Killham, and Jennifer Simpson. Combined, this team offers nearly 40 years experience partnering with clients to deploy and continually improve their efforts related to Employee Engagement, Customer Engagement, and Strengths-Based Development.

Activate Human Capital Group is at the same time new and not-so-new. The company is a spin-off from Evolve Performance Group, founded in 2011 by Ortiz and her co-founder, Jeff Tobaben. Ortiz and Killham have worked together since early 2008 and Simpson joined their team in early 2012. At Activate HCG, these core team members will continue working together to develop advanced methods of collecting, interpreting, and utilizing engagement data to assist clients on their paths to engaging employees and customers.

According to Ortiz, “There’s nothing like doing work you love with people you genuinely enjoy. That goes for team members as well as clients. The work we do delivers tangible benefits to our client organizations, their individual employees, and their clients. There’s potential for an amazing spillover effect that touches a huge group of people when we do our work well.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing with my life.” 

With over ten years’ experience in measuring Employee and Customer Engagement, Melissa’s valuable insight is geared toward helping businesses retain quality employees, enhance organic growth, and increase organizational performance. She challenges leaders to be their best and teaches them how to bring out the best in their team members. When it comes to management, Melissa believes in setting a stable foundation for engagement, aligning talents to roles, and getting out of the way. In her opinion, this approach to management is more fun, more rewarding, and creates the conditions necessary for exceptional results for both the organization and the employees. As Activate’s CEO, she takes great pride in the “actionability” of the insights offered to clients.

Emily Killham joins the company with almost 20 years in Employee and Customer Engagement research and analysis. Her quest to develop unique, data-driven paths to excellence for Activate clients is what drives her in her role as Chief Research Officer. With data in hand, Killham acts as lead storyteller for the organization as they work together to develop custom programs to help their client organizations better understand the needs of their employees, foster a workplace environment geared toward motivating and retaining engaged employees, and aligning their resources to engage their customers. 

In her role as Project Manager, Jennifer Simpson is focused on turning ideas into action, timelines into project plans, and client preferences and requests into customized program rollouts. She specializes in dynamic communication plans that drive exceptional survey response rates – a hallmark of Activate Human Capital Group efforts.

The successful team feels grateful for the opportunity to align their talents, expertise, and tools for the benefit of clients and Activate Human Capital Group is excited to continue enabling them to do what they do best: measurably improving engagement, data mining, developing solutions to increase organization profitability and success while encouraging employees to be engaged and excited about work.

To learn more about this team, contact Activate Human Capital Group by phone at 530-713-6359 or through our website. We specialize in activating engagement so your organization can thrive.