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Activate Human Capital Group’s “why’’ is to bring JOY and PURPOSE to your people through their work. The future of work is now– companies who keep up with changing times will be best at attracting and retaining talent in the long run. Here are four ways your competitors attract top talent– and how you can, too.
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For many businesses, the past two years have been a stress test unlike any other. Navigating this uncharted territory as a business owner, operator, or leader has been challenging, and workforce obstacles have been commonplace. The collective crisis we have all experienced forced everyone to re-evaluate their priorities leading to phenomena like the Great Resignation.
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Every organization is looking for ways to improve and to rise above the competition. A vast amount of research has shown that, across industries and job types, employees have many workplace needs in common. But something is being lost between the knowing and the doing. Between the mountains of compelling data and the integration of these proven practices into our organizations.
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There is no question that employee engagement is a large issue. Over half of the nation’s employees are looking for the next opportunity somewhere else. Breaks are becoming more frequent, time is skimmed off both ends of the work day, and turnover feels like the new normal. It doesn’t have to be this way. If we as leaders focus on removing barriers to engagement, our employees are then free to focus on relationships with customers, innovations, and continuous improvements to our organization.
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