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Engagement can be thought of as a barometer. A measurement predicted by two key factors: 1. Alignment between individual talents and the demands of the role. 2. How well the basic needs of the workplace are being met. Both of factors are highly dependent on the manager/supervisor. Each supervisor is responsible for creating the alignment mentioned in in the first factor and delivering on the needs mentioned in the second factor such as continually setting clear expectations and offering the empl...
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Is engagement a personality trait? Are “positive” people always engaged and cynical people always disengaged? Can we just fire our grumpy employees and get on with hiring for traits like a positive mental attitude? Fortunately for our HR teams, there’s no need to clean house. Engagement is NOT a personality trait. It’s an ever-changing measure of the relationship between the employee and the organization and an extremely reliable reflection of the effectiveness of each supervisor.
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Effective communication in the workplace can make the difference between smooth sailing on the high seas and jumping ship when you hit an iceberg. In every workplace, clear expectations come from open, clear, and concise communication. Oftentimes there are five major boundaries to communication between leaders and employees. Once leaders recognize the pitfalls that can interfere with effective communication, simple changes can be made to ensure everyone is on the same page and the office atmosph...
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Good leaders identify strengths, develop them, and place employees where those strengths can be used fully.
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For many years, employers have been providing employees with yearly surveys to gauge their satisfaction. While satisfaction surveys can be a good tool for an organization, understanding the difference between a satisfaction survey and an employee engagement survey can really help to set your organization apart and ensure your employees are not only happy with their work environment, but are engaged in it.
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Think about this truism: employees join companies and leave managers. Have you ever joined a great company, excited about growth opportunities, benefits, and/or perks of the job only to find yourself looking for a new job because you and your manager couldn’t seem to find an effective working relationship?
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