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The Predictive Index

People are your most valuable asset; but odds are, you’re not getting enough ROI on each employee. That’s where Predictive Index comes in.


PI Helps you get the RIGHT people in the RIGHT roles, then develop & expand their capacity. That’s what Talent Optimization is all about — no matter your organization’s size, industry, or mission.

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Ready to crush your goals and 10x your ROI on HR initiatives?

Is your company performing at full capacity?

If you’re like most leaders, you’re frustrated by time-consuming “people issues” like turnover, disengaged employees, team conflict, and bad hires. In spite of your best efforts and your best intentions, your organization isn’t growing at the speed or level of profitability you know the team is capable of.

If you’re tired of falling short, Talent Optimization is the answer. This is the discipline that thousands of businesses have used to align people strategies with business strategies for BIG ROI.

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PI in Action

See how Sierra Nevada Brewing increased diversity metrics by 40% while reducing time to fill positions by 29% in less than a year.

Improving employee perception of talent alignment to roles was a clear need identified in BELAY’s employee engagement survey. Based on this hot spot, and with Activate’s support, BELAY took on the Predictive Index.

The goal was simple but not easy... get more, BETTER people that FIT their roles naturally... develop them in a way that honors their natural talents... and find internal promotions that will continually enable them to thrive.

Here’s what BELAY’s VP of HR Krisha Buehler has to say on the topic.