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Belay: Seamless Integration of Predictive Index and Employee Engagement

BELAY knows what it takes to operate remotely. Established in 2010, the company has been 100% virtual since day one and has earned numerous awards for the exemplary culture they’ve created, by offering one-of-a-kind U.S.-based virtual staffing solutions to their clients.  Considering the fact that their interview process is more rigorous than Harvard's, with an acceptance rate of just over 3%, Activate’s help to integrate the Predictive Index was an excellent fit to help define “that special something” that makes us want to clone our best employees. Couple that with the transition from a “survey monkey” based Engagement survey to the Activate Employee Engagement approach, and you’ll quickly see why BELAY is the place to be. Hear more from Krisha Buehler, Vice President of Human Resources:  

ACTIVATE POV – Virtual Work before 100% Remote Was Cool

I think we’ve learned just as much from BELAY as they’ve learned from our team at Activate. At BELAY, they don’t do things halfway. Their team was eager to learn the tools and take the reins on both the employee engagement recommendations we offered as well as the talent-based hiring tools they selected. Now we just need to figure out how to clone this client relationship the way they’ve learned to clone their best and brightest!

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