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Activate’s expertise in harnessing the power of engagement as a leading indicator to business performance is the single most efficient path to organic growth for your organization available today. We measure what matters to align your organization to achieve higher levels of performance.

  • Employee Engagement

    We define employee engagement as discretionary effort. This extra effort leads directly to improved business performance. At Activate, our job is to measure engagement and give you the tools you need to improve. Doing so positively impacts your financial performance and assists you in building a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement is all about the strength of customer relationships. In both B2B and B2C environments, the strength of customer relationships is a leading indicator for important lagging metrics such as loyalty, revenue and profitability. At Activate, our job is to help you measure customer engagement, analyze results against the financial contribution each customer has made to the organization, then help you act to enhance the value of current and future customer relationships.